Ronwright Logging Lumber Construction



We log almost all of our own material, and break down the logs with three different types of sawmills depending upon what the finished product is going to be.  We have milled over one million board feet of finished product in just the last 15 years.  Our kiln dried products are run through one of two 3500 board foot state-of-the-art computerized dry kills.  Your furniture is crafted to high standards with skill and experience in a fully equipped plainer, molder, fabrication shop.  The pieces of furniture we craft are designed and engineered from the ground up before we even start.  Our furniture does not look like someone started with a good idea, got halfway through the project and couldn't figure out what to do.  The underside or hidden aspects of our furniture are finished with the same care and quality as the top side.  The attention to detail with our sanding and hand rubbed finishes help make our products the very best.

Our furniture starts with a request from you the customer.  We will ask questions about materials, color, texture, use, the setting in which the furniture will reside etc. We will refer to pictures on the website or e-mail others as necessary.  Also taken into consideration are any time frames and materials we have in stock.  Through hand-drawn 3-D drawings and communicating back and forth your custom piece will be refined.  At this point a detailed quote will be submitted for your inspection.  Once your deposit is received we will start your project and once completed we ship upon receiving the balance.  In our metal shop we can fabricate our own custom hardware to facilitate the breakdown of larger pieces for shipping and delivery.  Any pieces that will require assembly will come with hand written instructions, diagrams, labeled pieces and necessary tools.