Ronwright Logging Lumber Construction


The majority of our work is custom orders. Current items for sale are one of a kind.



90 inch tall cedar tree floor lamp.  The cedar base is about 5 feet tall.  The shade measures approximately 33 inches tall by 20 inches wide at the base.  The lamp switch is set up for three-way bulb.  This is not a log for the base.  This tree was buried in the dirt for close to 30 years.  Nature rotted away all the sap wood leaving only the rot resistant heartwood, creating this unique rustic piece.  The original tree was probably close to 20 inches in diameter.  The base has been kiln dried and has an extremely durable California VOC approved finish.





 This 5 foot in diameter saw blade is from McKays Clipper Sawmill.  It's last use was  the sign for the Clipper Mill restaurant in Arnold, CA. Robin Williams brother Todd Williams was a partner in the business, which was eventually terminated by the authorities.  The original building has also been torn down.  The blade was bolted to a steel post through the two holes you can see cut in the blade.  The artist Diane Carnigila painted the same vessel on both sides of the blade.  One of the paintings has a little light rust coming through the painting.  The other is in incredible shape especially considering it was located outside in the weather along Highway 4 in Arnold.  For more information about McKay's Clipper Sawmill go to

$ 4,800



Banner Peak, Mt Ritter by artist Bob Glass.  Very high quality photo with an amazing depth of field behind UV non-glared glass.  Live edge frame stock is 1 7/8" thick and 4"wide.  Overall dimensions 28"wide by 38.5" tall. Paper sealed backside with hanging cable.




Manzanita"Cactus Lamp".  30 inch tall manzanita and walnut base.  Meticulously hand sanded and polished. Hoop is included, but the shade is not included



"Cedar Boot" table lamp.  The Cedar wood base is 13 inches tall.  The hoop is included, the shade is not included.  Nature created this one-of-a-kind old peeling leather look.



"Stump On The Creek Bank"  23.5" tall meticulously hand polished manzanita and walnut base.  Walnut "stones" on the base. Hoop is included, shade is not included.



Black Locust limb on Walnut base. 12" to top of wood. 21" to top of socket. Set up for 3 way bulb.